Companies In Need

At some point, we all need help, be it in our jobs, our families or with our friends. Our clients are not immune to this need, either. It isn't feasible for any company, especially small ones, to have all the expertise they need in-house, on-staff at all times. That's where High Gravity Consulting comes in.

We are here to help you through your technology evaluations and decisions, ensuring that the technology you select can keep up with the needs of your growing business. Allow us to come in to your offices, assess your current technology, discuss your needs for today and the coming years and we will help you plan out a strategy to procure, install and support the technology you need to grow into the future.

Our Clients

They come from all kinds of backgrounds and work in all types of industries, but they all come to us when they need technology expertise. We would never consider extracting a tooth on our own, so why should our dental clients think they need to know which Content Management System is right for their website? Our clients don't need that kind of knowledge with High Gravity Consulting on their side.

Check out our client profiles and see if any of these sound like your company or organization.

Restaurant Companies

Restaurant Interior Since the start of COVID, restaurant companies have been on a roller-coaster ride in building new ways for customers to access their food. HGC has helped restaurants evaluate their guest and team member experiences, looking for ways to optimize both their processes and their technology.

We start out by looking at the company goals, studying how the restaurant operates, looking for ways to simplify processes, making recommendations on ways to improve technology, building a roadmap for the future, and developing budgets to bring it all to life.

Start-up Legal Office; Lexington, KY

Legal ScalesOpening a small business is hard, but a new law firm, doubly so. Besides finding office space, employees, insurance, clients and numerous other things, the technology decision is going to take a lot of time. Lawyers need to master many trades, but knowing what server to buy shouldn't be one of them.

This budding entrepreneur knew that his plate was already full enough with all the other tasks of starting a new business, so he left the technology decisions to us. Besides himself, he would start out with a paralegal, a secretary and a couple runners. While his technology needs were relatively small, they were complicated by the security and access requirements he needed to get his business up and running.

Not only did we select some great hardware for himself and his employees, we added a nice small business server, private and public wifi, configured his domain, created all the needed shared drives, wrote training material and how-to guides plus advised him on setting up his website and email hosting.

When we left, his office was ready to roll and in the four years he's been in business, his technology has kept pace. While he has replaced many of the desktops and added new employees to his business, that server and network are still going strong.

Recently, we went back and discussed his website and provided some recommendations on how to improve his standings in search results. While his firm is small, and he likes it that way, more business is never a bad thing, especially when your customers use Google to find you!

Established Dental Practice; Central Kentucky

ToothYou know what is more gut-churning than purchasing a business you were formerly just an employee of? Having one of your first acts as an owner to be to complete a HIPPA compliance review.

Regulations can be painful, especially if you've never had to read them and you're not familiar with all the terms. Our dentist was savvy though and could handle the process and personal confidentiality concerns, but the technology concerns were another matter.

One of our first tasks after coming on board was to sit down with the legislation, suggesting areas in which our client needed assistance and what she would need to do to remain compliant. We discussed security roles, password policies, physical access to hardware and many other topics, stepping page by page through the regulations, making sure she knew exactly what was required of her and her employees.

Regardless of anyone's views on the HIPPA legislation, it is here and it is tough on medical practitioners, especially those small, independent professionals who know much about their chosen line of work but not much about technology. If you are struggling with what feels like a truck-load of legislation, we can help you, just like we did this dentist!

Online Gaming Guild

Guild Symbol
Every consultant remembers their very first client. While its not always the case with every consultant, we remember our first client with a great deal of fondness. We like them so much (and they like us so much) that nearly 20 years have passed and we're still a team.

Back when he was still in college, our founder loved playing video games, especially online strategy games. At the time, these were few and far between, but he found one he loved, with an amazing community, and joined a guild of people he is privileged to call friends even today.

Early on, the guild knew that they needed a place to call their own; someplace they could use to plot and scheme how to rule the world (well, the game world anyway)! After a few failed attempts to put together a site by committee, one guild member, our founder, offered to try his (then) very novice hand at running the site. A college student with more time than money, he spent hours learning how to run a site, how to set up and secure message boards and how to work with graphic designers to make a site look and work like a piece of art.

All these years later, our founder still maintains that site, even though his love of gaming has faded into the mists of time. He started out with a passion for games but found out that his real passion was helping others with their technology needs.

Web Gaming Company; Lexington, KY

World of Warcraft Logo
Even though our founder doesn't play online games any longer, his love for companies that continually push forward the gaming industry has not diminished. When the founders of a small gaming company relocated to central Kentucky, they were introduced to our founder via a mutual friend. This was the start of a long exchange between our two organizations regarding the future and direction of web technology.

Initially, the gaming company focused on a single online text adventure game, but after a few really successful years, they decided it was time to expand into web gaming. When they decided to make this move, we came in to advise and make recommendations on what technology stack they should use for their new games.

We didn't stop there. Initially the company employees were located all across the country, so the owners ran the business out of their home office, but as they grew, they knew they needed dedicated office space and co-located employees, so the Lillypad, their office name, was born. While this company was clearly savvy enough to purchase their own computer hardware, the quantity needed meant they needed help to install it all in their new location. On a roller-coaster weekend fueled by pizza, our team joined in the fun of building and installing computers in every office at the Lillypad.

Local Zoo


Fundraising is hard. Very hard. As your best donors age, how do you attract new, younger donors to your cause? Changing your tactics is hard, but can be very worthwhile.

Moving from silent auction printed pages to digital bidding on smartphones gives you a great advantage in the fundraising process--namely focusing on donor's desire to win! Digital bidding allows you to send your potential donors a message when they are outbid for an item. No longer do they need to constantly hover over a piece of paper to ensure they win the item their hearts desire. They can spend the evening mingling with other guests, safe in the knowledge that the desired auction item will be with you as you travel home at the end of the night.

High Gravity Consulting can help your charity find new ways to incorporate technology into your fundraising efforts, increasing your gross and net proceeds. We can help you find the right partner, make recommendations on training volunteers and create an environment where your donors love to interact with you via technology.

We Need People, too!

Just as you need people like us, we need people, too. Our clients sometimes request that we provide services outside of our areas of expertise. When this happens, we have two choices... we could attempt to provide these services despite it not being something we are especially good at, and thus disappoint you with poor service, or we could refer you to some of our partners who are experts in those areas.

We don't do service contracts. We don't troubleshoot hardware failures or software crashes, but we know some of the best people out there who do. We can and will help you connect with the people who do long term support; people who understand what it means to provide world-class service and support to businesses as important as yours.