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What sets HGC apart from other consulting firms is the focus on specific services we offer. We are not a general consulting firm, nor do we try to be. By providing only a small set of select, high-value offerings to our clients, we ensure the highest quality and unmatched customer service.

You will find that exclusive list of services below, with descriptions of how these services can make a substantial difference in your organization. If you have detailed questions about how you or your organization might find out more about the services on this list, contact us for a free consultation.

Business Process Evaluation

Business Process Review
Do you look around the office and think to yourself, “There must be a better way to do this!” Do you see filing cabinets full to bursting with paper? Are your records a mess? Does the burden of government or industry regulation hang over you like an oppressive burden? We can help with all of these problems and more.

Sit down with a consulting from HGC who can outline your processes and make recommendations on ways you might improve the effectivity of your organization. We are experts in finding creative, inexpensive ways for you to incorporate new processes and technology to act as force multipliers in your business. We can’t guarantee you profits, but we can help remove the roadblocks that are holding back your company from reaching its full potential.

Virtual Presence Implementations

Organizational Websites
Still stuck using that dial-up modem to check your AOL email account? Are potential customers unaware of your presence? How do you go about getting your name out on the Internet where your customers can find you?

We can help you find the answers to all those questions and more. A virtual presence is a requirement for most companies. Having your own web presence allows you to control the message you send to your existing and potential customers, not to mention is great, cheap advertising.

Helping you select and manage your online presence is one of our favorite type of projects to undertake. From purchasing the perfect domain name, selecting and installing website software, branding your site, teaching you to manage your site and setting up email addresses for your business, we can help you through it all. If the thought of doing all this has left you feeling overwhelmed, let us work with you to make it all easy.

Technology Review

Office Technology
The first service we ever offered professional is still the one which our customers ask for the most, and with good reason. Businesses have lots of important ways to invest their profits and sinking that money into purchasing bad or unnecessary technology is one of the most painful lessons a small company can learn. With HGC at your side, you never need fear clicking that ‘Buy’ button ever again.

Our trained consultants conduct a thorough review of your existing technology searching for outdated technology that is hampering the productivity of your employees and for places where adding technology can improve your organization. We don’t mark up the hardware purchased for you; we’ll even show you the invoices! The hardware costs you what it costs us, but we know places to find you a great deal on quality equipment.

After that hardware arrives, what do you do with it? We offer professional installation and configuration services, removal of your old hardware and training on the use of the new equipment. We can help you with PCs, Macs, printers, networking and software packages of all types.

But What About…

As we stated at the top, we don’t do everything. It's easy to list our focused services, but it's harder to say definitively what we won’t do. If you’ve got questions, we’re more than happy to answer any question. Most of the time, we will say “Yes, we can!” but there is only one way to find out and that is to contact us and ask. Don’t fear hearing a “No” because we know lots of people who do offer that service we don’t and would be an awesome partner to your company. We don’t charge for referrals as we love sending business to our partners.