Hey, ya'll! "Watch" this!

iWatch Concept on Vimeo on Vimeo

I've hated the 'wearables' concepts for a long time, but its a hate based on the idea of requiring me to have yet another 'thing' on me. I don't wear jewelry (except the wedding ring and even that gets annoying). I don't carry keys in my pockets. I don't carry a wallet. I carry one thing with me... my mobile device. That's it. The idea of adding something else doubles what I have to keep up with and that is just too much.

That said, the watch concept above is quite impressive. I can't imagine the battery life would be very good at the current time, but I see why such a concept would appeal to consumers.

But that's not the only watch concept that caught my eye today. This one is pretty awesome as well.

I still wouldn't want to type on this very much, but I can just see some aspiring author writing a novel on it, just to say that they did so. Impressive word prediction.