Let's do the Tango!

Way to go Google (really Motorola) with this new prototype. This is one of the first novel ideas I've seen in a couple years. For too long has virtual reality (VR) relied on the single camera in an app. Its always felt like a clunky solution and I'm glad to see someone really working on improving it.

Yet I'm not sold that a cell phone is the correct application for this technology, or at the least, that consumers are going to adopt this technology widely. It just seems a bit too niche to be a big draw. With maturity, it could be fabulous for some specific applications.

Imagine that you are a real estate agent and you want to map a new client's house to add depth to a listing. Take the visually impaired concept in the video and make this into a device that is integrated directly with the patient's brain. Geordi La Forge would be so proud.