Mobile app market continues its meteoric rise: report - Mobile Marketer - Research

“The most surprising finding is that the rate of new apps being created is accelerating,” said Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry, San Francisco. “You would expect it to be flat. The rate itself has doubled year over year.

“Nothing seems to indicate a slowdown, every indicator is up and to the right,” he said. “It seems that we will continue to be in fast growth mode for at least 18 months.”

via Mobile app market continues its meteoric rise: report - Mobile Marketer - Research.

Simon Khalaf, you're entirely missing the point. More developers, and thus more apps, isn't surprising nor is it something I would expect to be flat. You see, customers do not want more apps, they want good apps. The problem is that good apps, ones that are truly useful to consumers, are really difficult to make. They're not just difficult to make, they're difficult to understand what consumers really need. Ideas are cheap, but good ideas are expensive. Throw in the need for excellent execution and they become priceless.

Once we hit the limits of what new use cases we can extend devices to, that's when development will fall off. That's called a mature market and mobile is far from that. It is maturing, but its got a long way to go. Until it does mature, and I expect it will be disrupted before it actually matures, you're going to continue to see an increase in apps. There's nothing surprising about that.