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This is where I think he actually gets Apple and what they were trying to accomplish. It wasn't about the specific geeky features or specs, it was about the experience people had when using the device. The iPad went on the become hugely successful because it was such a simple and elegant device to use, and the mass market was drawn to that. Pogue redeemed himself with his 'everyone else' section and showed a tech reviewer could finally pick up on the fact that standard tech reviews about features and specs were not truly understanding Apple and why its products were so revolutionary.
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Nailed it. This is what people in the technology commentary racket repeatedly fail to understand... Apple's customers are not bloggers and reviewers, but everyday people who don't care about specs and feature checklists. The majority of customers care about what the device can do for them, how it makes them feel and how much the device gets out of their way. More tech companies should understand this, but few ever will.