Vast Majority of Smartphone Users Care About Privacy - eMarketer

As more of consumers’ lives depend on mobile devices, the chances they have something on their phones they want private has become very high. According to research, about four in five US smartphone users have private files on their devices—and the share is even higher among the youngest adults.
via Vast Majority of Smartphone Users Care About Privacy - eMarketer.

Ok, first up... how many people's lives really depend on mobile devices? My life would include more spots of boredom without mine, but I'm pretty sure I could live without it.

Second, who is the 1 out of 5 who doesn't have anything private on their device? Not even a single email you don't want anyone else to read? Preposterous.

Women were also notably less likely to say they had racy photos on their phones they wanted to keep close tabs on.
Weasel words. Women were less like to 'say' they had the racy photos? I'll admit there is no way to know for sure in a survey if they actually had racy photos, but that seems to me like a really useless finding, other than to say women may rightly know more about when to keep their mouths shut.