High Gravity Consulting is Open


[caption id="attachment_25" align="alignnone" width="614"] Ted in front of a haul of iPads[/caption]

No one will deny that High Gravity Consulting is anything but a house full of Geeks. How many people do you know that would walk into an Apple store, ask for a stack of iPads and immediately arrange them on the desk just to be able to post a picture in front of them?

Well, if you're reading this site, then you probably know a lot of people like this; you may even be one of us!

If you are one of us, then welcome home, we promise that you will fit in quite well here at HGC.com.

We feel a bit embarrassed that while we've been advising companies about technology for years, we really haven't ever stopped to make ourselves an online presence. Its not like we don't know how to do this, we just prefer spending our time making our clients look good and letting that work speak for itself.