About HGC

High Gravity Consulting started out as a way for our founder to use his expertise with technology to help out small companies and individuals who didn't have the time or inclination to do it on their own. Not everyone is required, nor should they be, to be an expert in technology in order to see massive gains in sales and productivity. We're here to help people and organizations find the right technology solution to fit their needs.

We offer expert advice at competitive rates. Because we are small and focused, our overhead is minimal. You won't find your hard earned money being used to pay for new toys for our organization. You pay only for what helps your organization. No hidden fees. No inflated costs. You pay only for what helps your business.

We practice what we teach; we don't invest in technology just because its cool, we invest in what helps us. If it isn't a technology we would consider using in our own organization, we won't recommend it to you, either.

These are our promises to you.