Microsoft to release SQL Server on Linux?

Microsoft to release SQL Server on Linux?

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I'm not going to lie, this makes me want to like Microsoft. They keep doing things like this and it keeps confusing the Mac and Linux guy that lives inside my head and my heart.

I don't see why SQL Server would be something that anyone wants on Linux. Its not like we don't have really great options in PostgreSQL or even ok ones like MySQL. Yet, I can't help but read this article and not smile.

This is just another way to show that the Microsoft of old has changed into a company that isn't afraid to do something no one else would believe they would do. First they went all-in on the cloud. Then they open sourced much of their development stack. Then they rethought their development stack to make it work on other companies platforms. Now they're tearing apart their own technology stack and putting it on open source platforms. Its a long way away from Steve Balmer calling open source software a cancer.

I must give Microsoft much love for this change in direction. It keeps them relevant when they were only a few short years ago on a path to total irrelevancy. Great job all; keep on surprising us all.